Loraina Williams - Worship Pastor

Loraina is our Worship Pastor; she has been leading worship for several years now. She continues to worship with passion along side the worship team as they lead the church.  Loraina is single with no children, she has two dogs. She has served in several areas of ministry for many years. She's been singing as long as she can remember, but she and her team know that worship is much more than singing, it’s more than music. More important than the songs you sing or the sound of your voice is the heart you offer up in worship. 

Looking for opportunities to use your gifts and talents?

Get involved, currently, there are openings for:

Audio Tech Engineers
Media and Production Designers (Stills, Motions, Video, etc)
Lighting Directors
Stage Designers

Vocalists: Male and Female Leaders, Soloist, Tenors, Altos, Sopranos
Musicians: Keyboard, Piano, Bass, Drums, Lead Guitar, Guitar, all instruments.

Interested? Contact Loraina Williams at 281-883-2353